Thursday, October 31, 2013

October - Check in

As promised (for once!) I am here to check in with my October goals... here is a reminder of what I committed to this month:
I am happy to say, this has been my most successful month yet! I completed every goal, and even read and sewed more than I had hoped to, plus kept up with my many, many job hunt goals. :)

I think one of the biggest things that helped this month was making clear Yes or No goals. What I mean by that is, a goal that is easy to say "yes I have done that" or "No I didn't do it". Previously I have had goals like "Take thoughtful pictures" and although I think this is a great idea, it's really hard to actually do it. A more helpful goal might be "go outside 2 times this month to practice your photography". That type of goal is much easier to know if you have completed it or not (which is, for me at least, the motivation behind goal setting).

Another good example is a previous goal I had: "don't stress about the future"; while admirable, it is total fluff! A better goal might be "Do 1 nice thing for yourself per week to reduce stress". And to make it even more concrete, I would even suggest you write down what thing you will do for yourself each week. For example, I will go for a long walk, buy myself nice tea, go to yoga, and do a face mask. For me, this is not only easier to determine if I have accomplished it, it is also far more motivating because I've already done the work of figuring out what it is I want to get done. I may not share this level of detail here, but writing it down for myself is very helpful.

Now I'm off to figure out my goals for November..

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wordless: Terschelling

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Carly's Thankful For...

This week I'm thankful for...
- Amazing weather
- Having an extra visit this week
- Reading again
- Visiting one of the beautiful islands in Friesland! So lovely!
- The fact that I am busy with fun things for the next 3 weeks!

I just wanted to take some space down here at the bottom of this weeks post to point out that I have now been doing "Carly's Thankful For" posts for over a year. 54 weeks to be exact. I am so thrilled that I continue to do these. They really do help me realize that even the bad weeks have something good within them. And I know for sure that I am more aware of all the good things going on than I was before. So you can look forward to this series continuing for a long time! Thank you for reading! ;)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wordless: Paddestoel (Toad Stools)

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Looking Forward...

I've made it no secret that I love it here. Europe gets me. The Netherlands gets me. However, I do feel I have to own up and say that it's not all rainbows and butterflies. In my real life I try my best to focus on the good, and so inevitably that is what I tend to do here as well. But of course there have been hard points during this year (as there are with any year). And there have been moments where I just had to sit down and cry wishing my friends were a bike ride away, or that I could just hope on the bus to see my Mom. But beyond having moments where I missed my friends and family, I was surprised to learn that there are many little things I miss from Canada and Canadian culture.

So in an effort to get on bored with my impending departure from this place I'd really rather be staying... I have made a list of Canadian things I am looking forward to back in Canada.

I am looking forward too... Poutine, oh how I've missed poutine.

I am looking forward too... Going out for brunch and basically all breakfast foods (I love lots of food over here, but when you come from a country of Maple Syrup, it's really hard to get on board with any other kinds of breakfast...)

I am looking forward too... Have more than a few centimeters of snow in winter!

I am looking forward too... Clearly labeled streets (Europeans seem to be able to navigate city centers with vague labels on the sides of buildings claiming that they are street signs, so clearly it works for them, but I have yet to master this skill.. I tried Europe, I really tried.)

I am looking forward too... Not feeling self conscious about my excessive please and thank-you's! (Not even kidding!)

I am looking forward too... Hockey!! And the fact that I wont have to say "Ice Hockey" anymore. (When you say hockey in Europe, they think you mean field hockey.)

I am looking forward too... Tim Hortons... I have seriously missed timbits.

And of course, I am looking forward too seeing all my lovely friends and family! :)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Carly's Thankful For...

This week I'm thankful for...
- Extra visits
- Great weather
- Fixed clothing!
- Painted nails
- Beautiful stationary

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wordless: Doel

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I'm Sewing Again!

I haven't made anything new in ages... ages! And I am so happy that today I finally busted out my sewing machine and got back to it. I fixed up 3 different items that needed repair, AND made myself a new Maxi Skirt! It feels like my wardrobe just doubled, and all without buying anything new, I call that a win!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Carly's Thankful For...

This week I'm thankful for...
- A mini trip to Belgium!
- Getting to the final thing on my Netherlands List next week! :)
- Pretty rain sounds
- A clean room
- Hot chocolate

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Being in Limbo

Warning... this ones gettin' personal.

It is exactly 5 weeks until I will be getting on a plane to return to Canada.... and in this moment the word overwhelmed does not even begin to describe what I am feeling.

I never really envisioned this as my "year abroad". From the very beginning, I viewed this as a new job, in a new county, and generally just a continuation of my life. I've always disliked discrediting my time... and somehow the idea of merely labeling this my year abroad bugged me. That's not to say I didn't think I would return to Canada in 12 months, but I just hated the idea of blocking this time off into some 'travel year' as if it was just something I needed to 'get out of my system'... nope for me, it was always just a new part of my life where, as with every part, I hoped to learn something new (and did I ever).

I never expected to like The Netherlands so much. The different culture, the cities, the feeling, the people, ... the bikes, oh the bikes! I had no idea what I was getting my heart into. I had no idea you could love a place and a space so much. Of course the people I have spent my time with have effected my perception of it here, but for the first 6 months I knew basically no one, and even then, I was deeply enthralled with this place.

And now? I am now in a full blown job hunt trying to find a way to stay in the beautiful land, but have unfortunately not found anything as of yet. (I'm still keeping my fingers crossed though, FYI).

Moving to a new place is such a high risk, not just that you wont like it, but also for the opposite reason, what if you love it? I am now in this weird limbo, hoping I can stay, but knowing the chances are small. Its a very strange, and often stressful existence. But I'm trying to simply just enjoy the fact that I am here now... (easier said than done.)

I'm not sure if any of this made sense...but I wanted to at least try and write a bit about it. So there you have it, some of my scattered thoughts on this being in limbo. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wordless: Belgiƫ

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Carly's Thankful For...

This week I'm thankful for...
- Some free time
- A bit of motivation
- cute stationary (my weakness!)
-Fall weather
-Fall everything!

Photo this week taken by my Dad

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wordless: Fun with Visitors!

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October Goals


A few notes: I know I never shared my September goals... I kind of went a bit over kill with goals and just needed a month to be without a million on my list. I've been making very, very large and detailed Job Hunt related goal lists each week, and for September, that was enough. This month I've added three extra goals, and I will continue with my Job Hunt goals as well. (*They are painfully detailed which is why I don't share them here!). Hopefully I will have stick with this October plan, and I'll write about how I did with these at the end of the month :)

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