Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Arm Guards for Ana

I am really excited to share what I made today. It is always fun to sew for my family, and I don't do it enough! (I sometimes use the excuse that they are a province away, but I know Canada Post is right there, waiting for me to send my little creations over...)
This project is for my little cousin Ana. Ana has special needs and has a habit of biting her forearm. Unfortunately her habit of doing that can hurt her poor little arm, so I sewed up a few arm guards to protect her!

I tried to pick fun fabric, but I also needed to make sure it was fairly dark fabric because they will get dirty pretty quickly. Hopefully Ana (and my Aunt and Uncle) like the fabric choices!

That's just me... modeling how she will wear them. I hope you enjoy the thumbs up!

Up close!

I will be shipping them off in the morning. And because Ana has an older brother Noah, I get to start planning something to send him, I wouldn't want to leave him out of the fun! Right now I'm planning a stuffed hockey stick plushie because he is the biggest hockey fan ever!

PS: I made a few of these for her before, if you scroll down on this post you can see them!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Costume (2010)

I have yet to get my 2011 costume ready (oops!) so I thought I would post my 2010 costume in the mean time.
I was an octopus, it was a fun costume, and it fit my houses under the sea theme!

I'll have my 2011 costume posted soon!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Homemade Tea Bags

A little while ago I found the most amazing tutorial on one of my favorite blogs, A Beautiful Mess.

The project was to make your own tea bags, and it seemed easy enough but the cute factor was through the roof! I knew I wanted to make my own tea bags as soon as I could find a break in school!
 I picked up some loose leaf tea and spices at a local tea shop, Bon The Place and got to it!

I used different thread as a way to label the different teas.

The pen is just there to give the picture some scale. 

I decided to make the tea for my friends birthday. I quickly learned how to make an origami box to put the tea in, and I think it made for a cute way to deliver the gift! (plus, I didn't have any wrapping paper. haha)

There is a little smudge on the top, but I think it adds to the 'homemade flare'...right? right?

Yum! Next time I will have to add more tea/spices per tea bag, because I did find the tea a bit week, but I also do tend to use massive mugs..
Have a great Sunday!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Quilts Recover - Done!

I finished the quilts recover quilt last night, and sent it away in the mail first thing this morning.
It was strange to send a quilt away to a far off address knowing I will never see it again. I know that sounds dramatic, but this is only the second quilt I have donated and it is still strange to know I wont see it in use!
Just to clarify though, I am SO happy I decided to make another donation quilt. It is easy to let go of a big project when you know it is going to such a great cause.

Well, that's enough rambling I think, here are the last few pics of this cutie!

saying good bye! haha

the send off!

I hope it arrives safe and sound!
Now, on to the next project....

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Quilts recover - almost there!

I'm sewing again!! And I'm loving it.
I really don't know how I survived before this hobby... I love it!

I finished the quilts recover top, back, and binding this week. I just found out from the quilts recover founder Cheryl that I can still donate the quilt even though I'm quite behind the deadline, BUT I have to get it to her asap. I need this baby in the mail early next week. Thankfully thanksgiving weekend (Canadian) is this weekend and I have Monday off school to quilt! :) To speed things up I'm going to bring it home to baste because I can do that while catching up with my sisters.

Here is the front, back and binding, all ready to go! Can't wait.

Front, with the little edge added


binding! (I still have to iron this, but its almost ready to go)

Can't wait to send this guy out. Also, I feel that I should start naming my quilts... I'm going to have to get used to the idea of it though, because right now all my name ideas seem lame to me. I'll brainstorm this weekend.